Spiele von Toonminator

Fat Fish Fat Fish
Kill Zombies and poopoo in the toilet to continue killing in Fat Fish! Are you prepared to meet the most hungriest fish of the ocean?... In Fat Fish you take the control of a killer-funny-cute-piranha who has an insatiable stomach and needs to use
Monster in Love Monster in Love
Monsters in Love ist kein Spiel, es ist ein Kunstwerk! Eine Lebenseinstellung! Wer sagt Monster hätten kein Herz? Hier sieht man, was es für einen Stress bedeuten kann, wenn sich Monster verlieben.
Mr Chicken Mr Chicken
The sky is falling, the sky is falling! Don't let Mr. Chicken turn into Mr. Chicken paté.
Fat Frog Frenzy Fat Frog Frenzy
Eat the bugs and don't let them to sting the frog! Use your mouse cursor to aim and mouse left button to eat with your tongue!. 3 game modes (Survival, Eat all and Get Score) are waiting for you in Fat Frog Frenzy!
SudokuToon SudokuToon
Play this cartoon version of sudoku with millions of random sudokus, funny graphics, 3 difficulties and 2 game modes (Relax mode and Time Rush)!