Spiele von Chris

Bloons Supermonkey Bloons Supermonkey
Bloons Supermonkey ist das Ballerspiel aus der Bloonsreihe. Zusätzlich zum Pop Three, Bloons Tower Defense und Bloons - einfach nur geile Action!
Potion Panic 2 Potion Panic 2
Defend yourself from the waves of weird and terrible beasts by mixing your own unique killer potions. Smash them with rocks, dissolve them with acid, or asphyxiate them with vapours. Discover dozens of unique and fun recipes to use against the attack
Bloons Tower Defense 4 Bloons Tower Defense 4
Bloons Tower Defense 4 ist der Oberkracher. Verschiedenste Türme, verschiedenste Spielvariationen und alles in einem Tower Defense Game. Bloons TD 4 ist mit Sicherheit eines der besten TDGs auf dem Markt. Ein echtes Suchtgame.
Power Pinball Power Pinball
Bei Power Pinball flippert man auf einem zweigeteilten Tisch mit 2 verschiedenen Multibällen. Wirklich schön gemacht.
Bloons Insanity Bloons Insanity
Think you're good at Bloons? Think again. This pack contains 50 of the hardest, meanest, most brutally insane Bloons levels ever devised by man or monkey.
Meeblings Meeblings
Help the Meeblings! Use the Meeblings special abilities to rescue as many as possible each level. Explore the Meeblings' world in all 50 fun filled levels.
SAS: Zombie Assault 2 - Insane Asylum SAS: Zombie Assault 2 - Insane Asylum
You are a member of the elite fighting unit, the SAS. You have training, weapons, speed and cunning. They are an army of the undead. They number more than 6000. You like those odds. Asylum is the next chapter in the SAS 2: Zombie Assault series. F
SAS: Zombie Assault 2 SAS: Zombie Assault 2
Du sitzt wie die Maus in der Falle und die Zombies kommen auf dein Haus zu. Verteidige dich mit allem was du hast und ballere sie ab.
Meeblings 2 Meeblings 2
Two brand new Meeblings are here to help you through 50 all new levels in this long awaited Meeblings sequel. New graphics, new puzzles, new sounds. The Meeblings' world just got twice as good! Play Ninja Kiwi's Meeblings 2 Puzzle game now!
Powerpool Frenzy Powerpool Frenzy
Ten levels of total Powerpool mayhem. Rack up massive scores before the time runs out!
Magnetic Defense Magnetic Defense
Defend your base! Use your magnetic ship to pick up chunks of junk and drop them on advancing enemies. Absorb junk into your ship and base to upgrade them and assure your victory. Watch out for special powerups to help your cause.
Powergolf Powergolf
Drive, chip, and putt your way through 18 holes of golf, making use of powerups to aid your progress.
Guesstimation Guesstimation
Think you are good at estimating stuff? Think again! Guesstimation sends 15 quickfire estimation puzzles your way. The closer your guess to the answer, the more points you get. Settle for nothing less than perfection! Play Guesstimation now!
Guns n Angel Guns n Angel
Shoot your way through 6 action packed levels and 3 unique environments. Slaughter hundreds and hundreds of crazed vicious monsters on your way to confronting the final boss. Play the game several times to unlock various achievements and special chal
Bloons Player Pack 5 Bloons Player Pack 5
50 levels of bloons-ey, christmas-ey goodness. Pop your way through a bunch of fun and tricky levels made by you, the players!
Powerpool 2 Powerpool 2
Powerpool 2 ist ein schönes Poolbillard, bei welchem man mit Trickshots den Tisch abräumen muss.
SAS: Zombie Assault SAS: Zombie Assault
SAS: Zombie Assault is all about surviving against waves of undead monsters. Earn money to upgrade your defenses and your guns. As levels progress, the waves of zombies become harder and harder to repel. Can you make it through all twenty gruelling w
Boombot 2 Boombot 2
Blast Boombot through 50 more challenging levels using cool new items at your disposal - fuses, boulders and planks!
Powerpool Powerpool
Pool with powerups! Crack your way through 20 levels of exploding, multiplying and other craziness to build your score to mammoth proportions.
Hot Air Bloon Hot Air Bloon
Pop as many bloons as you can before you crash.
Bloons Tower Defense 3 - Distribute Bloons Tower Defense 3 - Distribute
Bloons Tower Defense 3 ist einer der großen TD Klassiker. Hier gibt es eine Anleitung, ein Walkthrough, sowie Tipps und Tricks zu Bloons 3 TD.
Boombot Boombot
Blast and bounce your way to the exit on each level using all manner of fun explosives.
Shinju Shinju
Play the new puzzle game from Ninja Kiwi! Prepare yourself to put your pearl hunting skills to the test over 100 levels of mind challenging fun.
RoboMaro RoboMaro
Smash the falling objects to protect your pet Maros. Feed them the food to increase their weight and pass the level.
Bloons Player Pack 4 Bloons Player Pack 4
The fourth bloons pack made entirely of the best levels from bloonsworld.com and myninjakiwi.com
Bloons Pop Three Bloons Pop Three
So nun gibts Bloons Pop Three direkt hier spielen. Bloons Pop Three ist eines der frühen Games aus der Kaderschmiede von Ninjawiki und ihrer Bloons Erfolgsreihe. Spiel ist wie Bejeweled.
Sinta: Escape From Ixerron Keep Sinta: Escape From Ixerron Keep
Help sinta slay the evil wizard and escape Ixerron Keep. Over 30 levels of platformer action adventure. Collect items, shoot enemies, find secrets.
Even More Bloons Even More Bloons
Even More Bloos ist der dritte Teil der Bloonsreihe und wieder gibt es ganz viele Ballons zum Abballern.
Bloons Player Pack 3 Bloons Player Pack 3
The third pack of 50 user created levels picked from 1.3 million submitted to bloonsworld.com
Bloons Tower Defense 2 Bloons Tower Defense 2
Bloons Tower Defense 2 ist ein wirklich schönes Tower Defense Spiel. Hier alle Infos zu Türmen, zu den Affen, Tipps und Tricks.
Another Box of Hotcorn Another Box of Hotcorn
50 more levels for the hotcorn game - and we've tweaked some features to make the game more fun too!
Bloons Player Pack 2 Bloons Player Pack 2
Ninjakiwis favourite picks from the half-million+ user submitted levels on bloonsworld.com
Hotcorn Hotcorn
Hotcorn ist ein kleines feines Spiel, bei dem es darum geht, dass du möglichst viel Popcorn machst. Die Uhr läuft runter und du brauchst Popcorn.
Bloons Tower Defense Bloons Tower Defense
Bloons 1 ist das erste Tower Defense Game aus der Erfolgsreihe Bloons von Ninjakiwi. Bringe erfolgreich alle Bloons zum Platzen und erringe einen weiteren Sieg für die Affen.
Bloons Player Pack 1 Bloons Player Pack 1
Ninjakiwis bloons game with 50 of the best user generated levels from bloonsworld.com
Potion Panic Potion Panic
Defend yourself by using custom made unique potion mixtures and throwing them at the incoming enemies.
More Bloons More Bloons
50 more new levels for the original Ninja Kiwi Bloons game.
Bloons Bloons
Fun new ninja kiwi game. Pop as many bloons as possible with the darts you are given each level.
Rings Rings
Puzzle game involving the careful placement and stacking of rings. Increasingly difficult as ring spawning speeds up.
Straight Dice Straight Dice
Puzzle game. Try to get consecutive runs of 3 or more.
Knight Elite Knight Elite
Knight Elite ist ein wirklich tolles Verteidigungsspiel. Steuere deine Truppen, begib dich selbst in den Kampf und baue deine Burg aus.
Destructotruck Destructotruck
Bei Destructotruck rast du mit deinem Truck durch die Stadt und springst von einer Rampe. Fliege möglichst weit und zerstöre alles.
Counter-Snipe Counter-Snipe
Bei Counter-Snipe spielst du einen Scharfschützen, der gegen andere Schützen antritt. Multiplayerspiel und gute Grafik!